• Accident Investigations

  • Each motor vehicle accident or crash scene is completely different. In order to paint a complete and clear picture inside the court room you need an experienced investigator on the ground at the scene. There are many different contributing factors that can be learned at an accident scene. The investigator may examine lines of sight for obstructions, check lighting in the area for functionality, see if all signage is present and clear and even examine the traffic patterns at a particular time of day.

    shutterstock_558997123In a densely populated state like New Jersey the usage of surveillance cameras is no longer limited to businesses. Many homes feature exterior surveillance video cameras that often catch the events on a roadway near the residence. At Anchor Investigative Services we like to get out to an accident scene as soon as possible to make every attempt at securing any video that may be available of the accident or crash. Often, camera systems will overwrite previous footage after a certain amount of time.

    A canvass of the area of the accident will also be conducted to attempt to locate any potential witnesses or bystanders. Detailed interviews will be conducted and then reviewed for potential statements. Statements can be provided in written or recorded formats.

    We also take detailed measurements of the accident area to complete a professional and detailed diagram using a powerful scene mapping software. This diagram is crucial in the courtroom as it can be used to demonstrate exactly what happened to a jury who may not be familiar with the area of the accident.

    With the addition of systematic scene photographs, Anchor Investigative Services will make sure that all the descriptive and visual evidence you need will be at your fingertips when you walk into a courtroom.

    Don’t describe the accident scene to a jury, bring them there.