• Statements

  • There is a lot more to taking a statement from an individual than just asking them what happened or what they saw. A good private investigator will have background knowledge of the event or incident being described, they will have a good idea of the individual they are going to speak with and most of all, the investigator will have a good idea of the needs of the client.

    At Anchor Investigative Services we know how important through and carefully planned statements can be to an ongoing case or initial investigation. We also remain sensitive to the needs of you, interviewthe client. This may mean conducting an initial interview prior to obtaining a formal statement or meeting a witness after work at their home. With New Jersey focused investigative services we are poised to meet your needs when and where you require them

    A statement can be needed for a variety of situations. An individual may have witnessed a motor vehicle crash or they may have actually been involved. Someone may have observed a criminal act or even have first-hand knowledge of someone what has.  The situation may call for a simple permissible use of a vehicle statement or a complex witness to a high profile robbery.

    One of the biggest hurdles to getting the statement you need to the accessibility of the witness. Being based in Freehold, New Jersey we are at the center of the state and can easily get to the location of any witness usually at any time.