• Surveillance

  • Surveillance is a skill that is developed over years of experience in the field. It is a dynamic task that requires rapid decision making, through analyzation of information and utilization of technology. A successful surveillance investigation must combine all of those aspects to ensure the best possible outcome.

    shutterstock_553591285Conducting surveillance investigations in New Jersey comes with its own challenges and locally based obstacles.  An experienced surveillance investigator will be familiar with the traffic patterns of summer beach goers in Asbury Park, Point Pleasant or Seaside Park. They will be well aware of the daily rush hours in Newark, Elizabeth or North Jersey. This investigator will have experience with the hustle and bustle of Atlantic City but also the rural settings of South Jersey. The state of New Jersey covers most of the possible situations a surveillance investigator may encounter and a single case may move through multiple conditions.

    Anchor Investigative Services was founded in the heart of Central Jersey with experience reaching to each corner of the state. Using that experience, the latest technology and sound data Anchor positions itself to offer you the best chances for a successful surveillance investigation.