• Attorney Services

  • New Jersey is home to 250 boroughs, 245 townships, 52 cities and 4 villages. Each has its own court system and procedures. They are all contained within one of the 21 different counties which also have their own courts at a higher level. As a busy practicing attorney, you cannot be in two different places at once even though sometimes it feels as though you need to be.

    Anchor Investigative Services is here to help with some of the legal tasks to free up time to build your best case possible. We are familiar with the needs of busy New Jersey attorneys and take pride in providing any assistance or information we can.

    Document Retrieval – Some documents can only be obtained in person at the office in which they are stored. This is usually true with Probate, Chancery or other legal records.

    iStock_000002657747XSmallClient Sign-ups – Our flexible availability makes it possible to meet with future clients and have all necessary documentation completed in a timely manner. We can be at a client’s house after work in Monmouth County or before the day begins in Middlesex County.

    Client Locates – Sometimes a client moves suddenly or changes addresses. When cases extend for long periods of time keeping track of clients may prove challenging. We can usually get you back in touch with a client to keep the case alive.

    Background Reports – Maybe there is an unknown expert set to testify in a trial. There might be a doctor you’ve never heard of providing an expert opinion. Anchor Investigative Services can utilize all our available resources to get you any background information that may help when it comes to cross examination.

    Notary Services – Sometimes a client just does not have the time to come into your office. We are all Notary Public registered and can provide notary services at any location at most times.

    This is by no means a comprehensive list but merely an idea of how Anchor can help you get more done as efficiently as possible.